Antique Craft


Bring your kids to our amazing Summer art class. We'll show you how to paint and antique a craft to make it look vintage.

Bubble Painting


Bring your kids to our amazing Summer art class. We'll be mixing our glaze with bubbles and blowing them onto our project. 

Love My Pet Mug


Bring your kids to our amazing Summer art class. We'll be painting a portrait of your favorite pet on a mug or plate. Or if we have a figurine that looks like your pet bunny, dog or kitty, we can help you paint that!

Monster Plate


We'll show your kids how to make a one-eyed monster dipping plate. They can choose which shape and color to paint their monster, then we'll attach a dipper bowl for the eyeball. 

Pizza Plate


Happy national cheese pizza day! To celebrate we are painting a plate with your favorite pizza toppings. 

Harry Potter Butterbeer Mug


We love all things Potterworld! How about you? Today, we'll create a butterbeer mug in your favorite house colors. 

Pirate Booty - Paint a Skull


In honor of talk like a pirate day, we'll be painting all things skulls. Choice of plates, mugs, and skulls!



The 25th is national comic book day. We'll be painting your favorite superhero (or super villain) on a craft. 

Jack Skelington Mug


Halloween is one of our favorite times of year to paint crafts for. So much fun. We'll be starting this month with a Jack Skelington mug. 

Zombie Time


Learn how to antique a zombie to make the look like it just rose from the ground. 

Drip Blood


Drip bloody paint all over a craft of choice. This method is very messy and fun! Plus it kinda grosses out parents. We have lots of fun bunnies, animals, mugs, plates and more you can make as bloody as you like. 

Pumpkin Jar


We'll paint a jack-o-lantern jar. This is one that will last year after year. 

Day of the dead mask


We'll be open for Halloween. Come and paint a day of the dead mask. 

Mad Hatter Tea Cup


Come paint your favorite Alice in Wonderland character on a tea cup!

Did Someone Say Pie?


Pie is the best part of Thanksgiving, so we'll help you paint the perfect plate for your piece of pie. 

Holiday Gift


The holidays are coming soon and you'll need lots of gifts for family and friends. Let us help you by painting a custom gift for someone special in your family. We'll have it done in plenty of time for you to special deliver your gift. 

Santa Milk Mug


Santa is excited to come to your house this Christmas! Let's make him a special milk mug for the special day. It's also great for hot cocoa all season long. 

Santa Cookie Plate


Santa is excited to come to your house this Christmas! This week we'll paint him a special cookie plate. 

Snowman Bowl


Come paint a melting Frosty the snowman inside a fun cereal bowl. We'll be painting the outside with fun bubbles and the inside with Frosty's face. Instead of painting a bowl, you can choose from one of our snowmen mugs or figurines to paint as well to put out on display!

Popcorn Bowl


Happy New Year! We love celebrating with lots and lots of movies! Come paint your own special popcorn bowl. We can even paint it with your favorite movie character. 

Shaving Cream


We'll be painting with shaving cream today! Come learn how!

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Kid's Classes & Punch Passes

Our Thursday one-on-one kid's classes feature of variety of crafts designed to build creativity & artistic confidence. Drop kids off for an hour long class with individual instruction any Thursday from 1-5 PM. Save $100 when you purchase our shareable, flexible, 15 class punch pass for $225, or pay just $20 each class.

Come paint with us!

Learn how to paint a fun ice cream bowl with chocolate drips. This craft is easy and fun for all ages to paint. Walk-ins welcome or watch for this craft to be taught during our kid's art classes.

Our Thursday one-on-one kid's classes feature of variety of crafts designed to build creativity & artistic confidence. Drop kids off for an hour long class with individual instruction any Thursday from 1-5 PM. 


Come paint with us!

Join us for some summer fun at Lulu's. You can pick and choose which classes or crafts you want to paint. Drop the kids off for an hour of fun, or join in the fun and paint with them. Punches are good towards any class or craft valued under $25, and can be shared with friends and family. Our 15 punch pass is only $250, that's a $125 savings. Fee includes professional art supplies, instruction, and take home...

Come paint with us!

Our story of how Lulu's Crafty Corner started, got it's name and why we love painting ceramics:

Jackie aka Lulu: Hi! I’m Lulu and this is Lulu’s crafty corner! Come paint with us!

Kathy: My sister Birdie and I started painting ceramics when we were kids. Our aunt would take us painting. We always looked forward to ceramics day. It was a chance to craft and share stories. We’d often end up laughing so hard we c...

Come paint with us!

Hi, I’m Kathy. Welcome to Lulu’s Crafty Corner! 

We have hundreds of crafts to paint. From mugs and plates to dinosaurs and mermaids, we have a craft everyone will love. Choosing a favorite is the first step. 

The price on the craft includes everything. No studio fees here. Our friendly staff will get you set up and provide helpful tips and tools to make sure your project turns out great. 

At Lulu’s, there are...

Come paint with us! Join us every Thursday afternoon for fun and easy kid's art classes. We have tons of fun crafts that we paint at our classes. Super hero plates, octopus dipper plates, monsters, mother's day and father's day gifts, animal figurines, Santa mugs, ice cream bowls, and so much more. We've shown kids how to splatter paint, paint realistic eyes, use stickers to create fun shapes, paint with bubbles and even shavi...

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Let Lulu's come to your school!

Lulu's will come to your school and teach kid's art classes. We can cater specifically to your student's age groups and interests. We will bring all of the needed art supplies. It's an easy and fun extracurricular activity for kids! Learn more here:

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