May the 4th Be With You Galaxy Mug

April 25, 2018



Learn how to paint a galaxy mug for one of our favorite days: May the 4th Be With You! This fun painting style is easy for all ages to do, plus it's a little messy which we always love make a mess. We use this technique at our kid's class once a quarter and is one of the favorite classes we teach.


Join us at May, 2018's Art Stroll in Provo and you can get a deal on this mug. The Art Stroll for May is on, you guessed it, May the 4th from 6-9 pm. During the Art Stroll, you can paint this fun mug for only $10. You can pre-order today or purchase the day of the Art Stroll. We'll have a few mugs with the stickers all placed so you can get to the fun part, painting and splattering! For more info about the Art Stroll, you can visit the Facebook events page.


PRE-ORDER Mug to Paint at the Art Stroll


PRE-ORDER to paint your mug at the Art Stroll May, 4th, 2018 6-9 pm for only $10. We'll have a mug ready to paint and splatter. This project will take about 20 min to complete.


Steps to Paint Galaxy Mug


Step 1: Position stickers on each side of the mug. We chose "May the 4th Be With You" and R2D2 for our mug.


Step 2: Use Black Sprinkles or Delft Sprinkles to paint the background of your mug. The sprinkles act as stars for your mug.


Step 3: Use bright colors like purple, blue and yellow to splatter on stars. We use fan brushes and toothbrushes to get the best splats.


Step 4: Peel off tape to reveal your sayings.



More fun ways to paint this craft

This is just one fun way to paint mugs. Mugs are fantastic because the possibilities are endless. See other examples of how you can paint our mugs



Book a party to paint a galaxy mug today! Get your Star Wars geeky friends together for a fun and memorable time. This project is easy and fun for all ages to paint.





Buy it Painted

 Do you want to buy this project already painted? Well, now you can! We've had lots of busy moms, crafty-challenged, and nervous painters ask if they can buy our painted crafts to take home and use right away. So we have added a "buy it painted" section in the browse crafts tab of our website. Go to buy this mug here already painted.