How to Paint a a Gradient on a Pitcher

May 16, 2018



Learn how to paint a gradient on a pitcher. We used light blue and light green in our gradient to give you the feel of the sea and beach. This pitcher was painted with food safe glazes so you can use it on your dinner table or fill it full of fresh flowers.


Steps to Paint the Lemon Slice Bowl


Step 1: Dip a large fan brush into two colors you want to blend together. We chose to dip half in blue and half in green to look like a seascape.


Step 2: Paint horizontally around the pitcher keeping your brush loaded with paint.


Step 3: Paint slightly up or down from your original brush stroke to mix and blend the two colors together.


Step 4: Paint the gradient with two colors with three coats.


Step 5: Paint above and below your gradient with solid colors with three coats of paint.


Step 6: Paint the inside of your pitcher by mixing a little water with your glaze and pouring the mix inside your pitcher. Swirl and swoosh the paint around until the entire inside is colored. Pour the extra mixture out.


Step 7: Use a small brush to paint and touch up around the inside of the rim.


Step 8: Use a small brush to paint three coats of gray paint along the rim and on the handle.


Step 9: Leave the pitcher with us to fire and finish your masterpiece. Usually takes 1-2 weeks to complete this project.


Step 10: Come paint at Lulu's again!



More fun ways to paint this craft

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