Locally Taught Kids Art Classes

September 7, 2018

Utah has many hidden gems. Lulu's Crafty Corner in Provo and Payson is one of them. Lulu's, a wonderful place where art and creativity flourishes, will truly put a smile on your family's face. Lulu's is a paint your own ceramics shop where you can paint with family and friends. They have lots of mugs, plates, princesses, monsters, and much more. One of the favorite activities is their weekly kids art classes that help children hone their skills in art and let their imagination flow.


Every Thursday, kids rush into Lulu's with smiles eager to begin their new art project. Not only are these classes fun, they have many benefits. These classes, and art, help improve hand eye coordination. They also promote abstract thought that can help kids learn. In addition, kids and parents enjoy an hour to enjoy their own individual activity.



They offer a wide variety of projects. One of their most recent classes involved using shaving cream to make an awesome looking marble plate. In the coming weeks, they'll teach them how to paint your kids favorite super hero. No matter what the project, your kids will learn a brand new skill and have unique fun!


They also offer much more than kids classes. Check out their website at www.luluscraftycorner.com for more details. Come in and give them a try, we think you'll love it!


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