How to Paint a Rose Gold Nativity Set

November 26, 2018



Christmas decorations are one of our favorite things to paint. Our aunt took Birdie and I painting once or twice a month to paint fun holiday decor we still display today. This large nativity set seems very intimidating to paint with all the detail, but we'll show you that you can easily paint it in monochromatic metallic rose gold. This technique is easy and fun for all ages, in fact, many families love to spend an evening painting this set with their kids.  


Steps to Paint a Metallic Nativity Set



Step 1: Pick out your favorite nativity set and let each of your family member pick their favorite piece to paint.


Step 2: Pick your favorite metallic color. We have golds, silvers, reds, green, and blues to choose from. Or you can paint with a color and add glitter on top.


Step 3: Start painting color onto your piece. 


Step 4: Add glitter on top of your metallic color of choice (This step is optional)


Step 5: Let us spray your nativity with a ceramic sealer so you can enjoy your project for years to come. 


Step 6: Come paint at Lulu's again!



Book a party to paint today! We'll show you step by step how to paint a masterpiece of your own! This project is easy and fun for all ages to paint.


We can help you one-on-one to paint this or get your friends together for a fun party.




Buy it Painted

 Do you want to buy this project already painted? Well, now you can! We've had lots of busy moms, crafty-challenged, and nervous painters ask if they can buy our painted crafts to take home and use right away. So we have added a "buy it painted" section in the browse crafts tab of our website. We can even customize it with the colors of your choice! Just stop in or text us today at 801-609-8231.