How to Paint a Santa's Cookie Plate

December 19, 2018



Come paint with us! We'll show you how to paint a fun triangle "Santa's Cookies" plate just in time for the Jolly Man's big night. We love to use stickers to help you get nice clean lettering. Santa will love to have a snack on this custom plate at your house. This craft is easy and fun for all ages to paint. We even have some families paint this one together. 


Steps to Paint Santa's Cookie Plate


Step 1: Place "Santa's Cookies" stickers on bottom of triangle.


Step 2: Paint 3 coats of blush glaze on Santa's face.


Step 3: Paint 3-4 coats of your favorite red glaze on Santa's coat. Use a small pointed brush to paint around Santa's beard and around the fluff on his hat.


Step 4: Use the back of your paint brush to dot Santa's cheeks, eyes and rosy red lips. 


Step 5: Use a small square brush to paint Santa's belt.


 Step 6: Remove "Santa's Cookies" stickers


Step 7: Leave your awesomely painted mug with us to fire. It usually takes 1-2 weeks to get back.


Step 8: Take your project home to enjoy for years to come. It is dishwasher safe, thank goodness, because this plate will be so popular you'll wash it everyday from Thanksgiving to Christmas. But keep in mind it's not good in the microwave. 


Step 9: Come and paint again at Lulu's! Hope you enjoy our videos and painting with us. If you need help painting this craft or any other, just let us know. It's one of the best parts of our job. 



Book a party to paint today! We'll show you step by step how to paint a masterpiece of your own! This project is easy and fun for all ages to paint.


We can help you one-on-one to paint this or get your friends together for a fun party.




Buy it Painted

 Do you want to buy this project already painted? Well, now you can! We've had lots of busy moms, crafty-challenged, and nervous painters ask if they can buy our painted crafts to take home and use right away. So we have added a "buy it painted" section in the browse crafts tab of our website. We can even customize it with the colors of your choice! Just stop in or text us today at 801-609-8231.