How to Paint a Lego Movie themed "Everything is AWESOME" Vintage Mug

February 13, 2019



Come paint with us! Join us and learn how to paint a fun Lego Movie themed vintage mug. One side has the scared and screaming Lego face of Emmett and the other side has the phrase, "Everything is AWESOME." It's in the style of Lego logo. If you would like to paint this mug, just stop in! We love helping you create these fun mugs. Our crafts that are painted with glazes are food safe and dishwasher safe. Lulu's Crafty Corner is located in Payson and Provo to come in a paint a craft of your choice. Where we never have studio fees and we bake you a cookie while you paint!


FUN FACT: You can paint this mug for FREE on your BIRD-DAY. Sign up on the home page of our website to get a reminder text on your birthday plus get deals all year round to paint at Lulu's!


Steps to Paint Awesome Lego Mug


Step 1: Pick your favorite mug to paint. We have lots of mugs to choose from with and without handles. Some of our mug selection can be found online here or stop in to see our current available mugs and cups. We chose a vintage enamel mug because of it's basic and straight shape mimicked a Lego head shape. 



Step 2: Place the stickers on the mug. 


Step 3: Paint 3-4 coats of neon yellow around all the stickers. Leave the inside of the mouth and inside of the letter stickers unpainted so you can paint them red. 



Step 4: Paint 3-4 coats of neon red inside the letters and on the tongue. 


Step 5: Paint 3-4 coats of neon red on the handle and inside the mug. 





Step 6: Take off all the stickers


Step 7: Place what will be the white parts of the mouth stickers on the mug. 


Step 8: Paint the eyes and mouth with 2 coats of black glaze. 



Step 9: Take the stickers off. 


Step 10: Leave your mug with us to bake it in our kiln. This usually takes 1-2 weeks. 


Step 11: Enjoy a yummy cookie