How to Paint a Birthday Plate

February 26, 2019



Come paint with us! Paint a special birthday plate for the the members of your family. We'll show you how easy it is to use stickers, square brushes and the end of a foam brush to paint this mug. 


Paint one for your family and bring it out for all the birthdays in your family. Your kids will feel so special on their big day when they get to eat off the special birthday plate. 


We LOVE birthday parties, or as we call them, BIRD-day parties at Lulu's Crafty Corner. We make it easy for moms and dads to plan parties at Lulu's. All you do is book the party, let us know what color of balloons you'd like set up, then show up and paint! You can book online, via text, or in one of our shops. Our parties are all inclusive and you just pay for the crafts you paint. NO studio fees, NO table reservation fees, NO charge for balloons, NO charge for cookies, just pay for the crafts you paint. Most popular crafts are $15-$20 each. Parties can be as small at 2 people or up to 50 people. Book your BIRD-day party today!


Speaking of awesome BIRD-day celebrations, we offer a FREE mug to paint on your birthday. Join our BIRD-day club to get a reminder text on your big day, plus get deals and info about all our workshops throughout the year. Sign up at or stop in to one of our shops today. 



Steps to Paint Happy Bird-Day Plate


Step 1: Pick your favorite plate shape to paint on. We offer round, square, curvy, flower, and many other fun shapes. We chose a round salad plate to paint today. 



Step 2: Place the stickers on the plate. 


Step 3: Paint 3-4 coats of blue around the edge of the plate. Use a square brush to get a clean line around the rim of the plate. 


 Step 4: Draw a circle using a round object around the the cupcake in the middle of the plate. Leaving about one inch between your line and the blue you just painted. 


Step 5: Paint 3-4 coats of pink in the circle over the cupcake stickers. 



Step 6: Use the end of the pencil or foam brush to create a fun polka dot pattern around the pink. 


Step 7: Take all the stickers off the plate.  


Step 8: Leave your mug with us to bake it in


our kiln. This usually takes 1-2 weeks. 


Step 9: Enjoy a yummy cookie