How Lulu's Crafty Corner got it's Name and Why we Love Painting Ceramics

May 8, 2019



Come paint with us!


Our story of how Lulu's Crafty Corner started, got it's name and why we love painting ceramics:


Jackie aka Lulu: Hi! I’m Lulu and this is Lulu’s crafty corner! Come paint with us!


Kathy: My sister Birdie and I started painting ceramics when we were kids. Our aunt would take us painting. We always looked forward to ceramics day. It was a chance to craft and share stories. We’d often end up laughing so hard we could hardly paint. Sometimes our mom, grandma, uncle or cousins would join in the fun. 


Birdie: We painted a lot of holiday crafts. As a kid, Kathy & I were so proud to bring out and display our crafts each year. Now, as an adult, they’re priceless. Our aunt would paint holiday crafts too and give them as gifts. Our favorite craft she painted for our family was a Santa’s hot tub candy dish. Our mom would keep it on the piano full of M&M’s all Christmas season. 


Kathy: A few years ago, I found a shop that had the same Santa’s hot tub and immediately bought two so Birdie and I could paint them and have that memory in our own homes. We set up a paint night with our Aunt and we all re-connected while painting, sharing stories and laughing.


Birdie: After that,  we were hooked again. It wasn’t just the painting, but the chance to put away the phones and distractions and really connect. My kids loved painting as much as I loved the time getting to know them better. That’s when we decided to open Lulu’s. We knew that if our family could bond over painting, other families could too.


Kathy: When it came time to name our shop, I said ‘It needs to be named after Lulu! She’s more crafty that both of us combined,” Which is true. She picks out most of the kid’s crafts that we stock in the stores. 


My favorite part about Lulu’s? My sister and I get to work and play together everyday. 


Lulu: (Narrator: What’s your favorite part about Lulu’s) Being creative and being able to paint with my aunt Kathy! 


Birdie: My favorite part?  The magic that happens just by putting down the electronics and focusing on each other. It’s so rewarding to see everyday.  

Lulu: So what are you waiting for? Come paint with us!


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