How to Paint a Snowman Mug

December 13, 2018



Come paint with us! We'll show you how to paint snowmen mugs with a simple distressing technique that any age can do. We love snowmen, or rather we're obsessed with them. Our mom collected them for years and years for her holiday decor and after she passed, we carry on the tradition of putting up her snowman tree and collecting and painting more snowmen. We love these little snowmen cups. There just the right size to hold a tiny portion of eggnog, or in our house Christmas milk, or hot chocolate and not waste any. At our house, we've painted a whole set in different colors so everyone knows which glass belongs to them. 


Steps to Paint Snowmen Cup


Step 1: Wipe down mug with damp sponge to remove any dust and it preps the mug for easy distressing. 


Step 2: Choose a light color that will fill in the cracks. In the video we have one in a light gray and one in a light blue. But it would look great with ivory, cream or light purple too, 


Step 3: Paint one sloppy layer of chosen color on the face of the snowman. It mostly needs to go in the creases and cracks. It's okay if you get it anywhere else because we're going to wipe off what we don't want. 


Step 4: Use a moist sponge to wipe off most of the paint, keeping the bulk of the paint inside the cracks and creases. If you wipe off too much, just add a little more paint.  


Step 5: Let the craft dry for a minute so you can hold it to paint the rest of the cup.


 Step 6: Paint the ear muffs, nose, and hat in your favorite colors. We did one in green earmuffs and one in red earmuffs. Then orange for a carrot nose, of course. Then we chose our black sprinkles glaze for the hats so it looks like it just snowed on his hat.


Step 7: (optional) Paint the inside of the cup. This adds a little splash of color and can help you know which cup is yours at dinnertime. 


Step 8: Leave your awesomely painted mug with us to fire. It usually takes 1-2 weeks to get back.


Step 9: Take your project home to enjoy for years to come. It is dishwasher safe, thank goodness, because these cups will be so popular you'll wash them everyday from Thanksgiving to Christmas. But keep in mind it's not good in the microwave. 


Step 10: Come and paint again at Lulu's! Hope you enjoy our videos and painting with us. If you need help painting this craft or any other, just let us know. It's one of the best parts of our job. 



Book a party to paint today! We'll show you step by step how to paint a masterpiece of your own! This project is easy and fun for all ages to paint.


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Buy it Painted

 Do you want to buy this project already painted? Well, now you can! We've had lots of busy moms, crafty-challenged, and nervous painters ask if they can buy our painted crafts to take home and use right away. So we have added a "buy it painted" section in the browse crafts tab of our website. We can even customize it with the colors of your choice! Just stop in or text us today at 801-609-8231.