Minnie Polka Dot "LOVE" Plate

January 31, 2018



Come to Lulu's Crafty Corner to paint your own Minnie Mouse inspired "LOVE"  plate for Valentine's Day. This project is easy and fun for all ages. We use stickers, food safe glazes, and a fun writer to create this curvy dish.


We are hosting a special Galentine's Day  class on February 13th, 2018 at 5:30 pm. Sign up now and reserve your spot. Bring your favorite gal pals, or come on your own and make some new friends. Price includes one plate to paint, professional painting supplies to complete craft, and step by step instruction.


Steps to Paint the Minnie "LOVE" Plate

Step 1: Trace "LOVE" in the center of the plate with our special tracing paper. The red marks it makes will burn off in the firing process so you have an easy shape to trace.


Step 2: Place, but don't stick, the polka dot stickers in desired pattern. TIP: start on the inside by placing them evenly around the circle, then add them to the outside to get an even pattern.


Step 3: Use the red fun writer to trace the Mickey head. This will make it easy to paint inside the lines with red paint.


Step 4: Use the black fun writer to outline the letters making it easy to paint in the lines.


Step 5: Use Really Red glaze to paint inside the Mickey head. Paint 3 good thick coats to make it a solid color when fired.


Step 6: Use black glaze to paint inside the letters. Paint 2 coats to get a solid black color when fired.


Step 7: Paint around the rim of the paint with the same Really Red glaze. Paint right over the stickers with 3-4 really good coats to ensure you get a solid red color.


Step 8: Peel up your polka dot stickers to reveal the Minnie inspired look


Step 9: Use a black fun writer to outline the Mickey head. This helps your Mickey head stand out and pop on the plate.


Step 10: Optional: Paint the back side of the plate red to finish it off.



More fun ways to paint this craft

This is just one fun way to paint this curvy plate. See other examples of how you can paint this cute curvy rim plate here.



Book a party to paint this "LOVE" Minnie plate today! We'll show you step by step how to recreate this cute plate.This project is easy and fun for all ages to paint.


We can help you one-on-one to paint this or get your friends together for a fun party.




Buy it Painted

 Do you want to buy this project already painted? Well, now you can! We've had lots of busy moms, crafty-challenged and nervous painters ask if they can buy our painted crafts to take home and use right away. So we have added a "buy it painted" section in the browse crafts tab of our website. Go to buy the Minnie "LOVE" plate here already painted.