Vintage Frog Sponge/Brillo Holder

February 1, 2018



Come paint a vintage frog sponge holder with a contemporary twist! We use bright spring colors to create this fun kitchen frog and add a butterfly to his nose for this little guy to stare at. This frog is just like the ones your grandparents have. Use it as a sponge holder or as a fun and unique succulent planter. We use food safe glazes so you can display this guy indoors or outdoors.


Steps to Paint the Frog Sponge Holder

Pro tip: Paint the inside of the frog first so you can wipe up any drips that happen. I forgot to do this so I ended up having to do more touch ups than I should have.


Step 1: To easily paint all the nooks and crannies of the frog's insides, mix a little water with your color of choice. I chose Light Blue Spruce. Then pour the mixture into his mouth and swoosh it around making sure it covers and swooshes all around twice. Then dump out any extra paint/water mixture.


Step 2: Paint the outside of the frog, everything but his eyes, a spring green. I chose Neon Green, but I also love Light Kiwi and Green Apple. The key is to choose a bright fun springy color. Paint 3 coats of your color of choice.


Pro Tip: Paint the bottom of your projects. By painting the bottom, your crafts will have a more finished and professional look.


Step 3: Use a sponge dot brush to paint the polka dots on the back. I used the sponge side for the big dots and the stick side for the small dots. This is where you can be a little more creative. You can go simple and uniform like I did, or get a little crazy and add dots all over his back in various sizes.


Step 4: Outline your dots with a black fun writer. This helps make your pattern of dots pop off your project and shows off your whimsy.


Step 5: Use a small brush to paint a circle of color for your frog's eyes. I'm left handed so I always paint the eye closest to my left hand first and then turn the project upside down to paint the other eye. This helps you to see the first eye you painted so you can match size and shape easier.


Step 6: Use the same small brush and paint his nostrils so they stand out a little.


Step 7: Use a fun writer to paint the pupils in his eyes.


Pro Tip: When using a fun writer, make sure the surface your painting on is dry. This helps the paint stick to where you're painting and prevents you from smudging and scratching where you've already painted.


Step 8: Use a white fun writer to add white dots to the upper right hand side or upper left hand side of his pupils. Just make sure that the dot is in the same upper side of each eye to more realistically emulate light reflection.


Step 9: Paint a little guy to add to the top of your frog's nose. I chose a butterfly, but we have lots of other options like bees, snails, rainbows, flowers and more! I like to paint the little guys a solid color then use the fun writers to add a little detail.


Step 10: Put a little paint dot on the bottom of your little guy and "glue" it to the frogs nose. The firing process will permanently adhere your little guy.


OPTIONAL: Plant succulents in your frog. Because we use glazes, you can display this guy inside or outside.



More fun ways to paint this craft

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