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May 8, 2019

Come paint with us!

Our story of how Lulu's Crafty Corner started, got it's name and why we love painting ceramics:

Jackie aka Lulu: Hi! I’m Lulu and this is Lulu’s crafty corner! Come paint with us!

Kathy: My sister Birdie and I started painting ceramics when we were kids. Our aunt would take us painting. We always looked forward to ceramics day. It was a chance to craft and share stories. We’d often end up laughing so hard we c...

May 8, 2019

Come paint with us!

Hi, I’m Kathy. Welcome to Lulu’s Crafty Corner! 

We have hundreds of crafts to paint. From mugs and plates to dinosaurs and mermaids, we have a craft everyone will love. Choosing a favorite is the first step. 

The price on the craft includes everything. No studio fees here. Our friendly staff will get you set up and provide helpful tips and tools to make sure your project turns out great. 

At Lulu’s, there are...

January 28, 2019

Come paint with us! Join us and learn how to paint 3 different Valentine love mugs. We start with my favorite, a fun fart joke. It says, "I didn't fart, my ass blew you a kiss." The second mug is a Disney inspired mug with Mickey and Minnie Mouse silhouette kissing and a heart shape between them. The third mug is a Friends inspired mug with the saying, "You're my lobster," with a lobster on the back side of the mug. 

We hope yo...

January 31, 2018

How to video on how to paint a "LOVE" Minnie Mouse inspired curvy platter.

January 5, 2018

Learn how to paint your favorite minion on a heart shaped plate.

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Browse our hundreds of ceramic crafts online, or come to our store to paint and craft today. Lulu's can help you create fun decorations for your nest or make a personalized gift. Lulu's can also give your custom crafts extra tweetments like beautiful flowers, delicious tweets or artisan bath products.

At Lulu's, we love to give you the Royal "Tweetment."

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